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Found these mushrooms hanging out at the local park. They had yet to be trampled as the winter weather kept people indoors, and my son hadn’t seen them. Moments later they were a flattened mess. At least they can be … Continue reading


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Delicious profiteroles from the Peyrassol Cafe at Southport in Renton.


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One of the butterflies on exhibit at the Pacific Science Center.

Fun with fencing

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I love the way the metal twists together to make the fencing. The contrast of metal and grass is also visually pleasing.

I like to ride my tricycle

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This was my trike when I was a kid. Small, blue and chrome. It’s surprising that my mother hung on to it all these years. I’m glad she did as now I get to watch my son enjoy it.

Easter at Grandpa’s

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  Easter seems to be a great time for candid shots. He was playing in a dog bed and kept saying night night.